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Changes in cell wall polysaccharides in developing barley (Hordeum vulgare) coleoptiles

DM Gibeaut, M Pauly, A Bacic, GB Fincher

PLANTA | SPRINGER | Published : 2005


Cell wall polysaccharides in developing barley coleoptiles were examined using acetic acid-nitric acid extraction, alditol acetate and methylation analyses and enzymatic digestion. The coleoptile cell wall from imbibed grain was rich in pectic polysaccharides (30 mol%), arabinoxylan (25 mol%), cellulose (25 mol%) and xyloglucan (6 mol%), but contained only low levels of (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-D-glucan (1 mol%). During 5 days of coleoptile growth, pectic polysaccharides decreased steadily to about 9 mol%, while (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-D-glucan increased to 10 mol%. Following the cessation of growth of the coleoptiles at about 5 days, (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-D-glucan content rapidly decreased to 1 mol%. The..

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