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On the potential got improving fuel economy using a traffic flow sensor network

C Manzie, HC Watson, SK Halgamuge, K Lim, M Palaniswami (ed.), CC Sekhar (ed.), L Behera (ed.), B Ravindran (ed.), HA Murthy (ed.), MRS Reddy (ed.)

2005 International Conference on Intelligent Sensing and Information Processing, Proceedings | IEEE | Published : 2005


This paper attempts to quantify the automotive fuel economy improvements in an urban driving scenario that can be obtained by equipping the vehicle with a sensor network providing information about the upcoming traffic. The analysis is performed for both a conventional and a hybrid drivetrain, as the latter is currently being marketed as providing substantial improvements in urban fuel economy. The information about traffic flow provided by the sensor network is used to shape the vehicle's speed trajectory over some, look-ahead time. Simulation results obtained from a validated vehicle simulation environment indicate significant real-world fuel economy improvements are achievable with the in..

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