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In vitro gamma-secretase cleavage of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein correlates to a subset of presenilin complexes and is inhibited by zinc

DE Hoke, JL Tan, NT Ilaya, JG Culvenor, SJ Smith, AR White, CL Masters, GM Evin

FEBS JOURNAL | WILEY | Published : 2005


The gamma-secretase complex mediates the final proteolytic event in Alzheimer's disease amyloid-beta biogenesis. This membrane complex of presenilin, anterior pharynx defective, nicastrin, and presenilin enhancer-2 cleaves the C-terminal 99-amino acid fragment of the amyloid precursor protein intramembranously at gamma-sites to form C-terminally heterogeneous amyloid-beta and cleaves at an epsilon-site to release the intracellular domain or epsilon-C-terminal fragment. In this work, two novel in vitro gamma-secretase assays are developed to further explore the biochemical characteristics of gamma-secretase activity. During development of a bacterial expression system for a substrate based on..

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