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Systems failure in hospitals--using Reason's model to predict problems in a prescribing information system.

RM Lederman, C Parkes

J Med Syst | Published : 2005


Both hospitals and hospital patients are bearing a massive cost as a result of the occurrence of medication prescribing errors in the public health system (Bates, D., et al. J. Am. Med. Inform. Assoc. 8(4):299-308, 2001; Lombardi, T. Medscape Pharm. Online J. 02(1), 2001; Roberts, M., and Stokes, J. eMed. J. Aust. 168:317-318, 1998). Consequently, it is important to examine and address the possible causes of this problem. In this paper we suggest that poor information systems may be a contributing factor in the occurrence of these errors. We research this issue in an HIV ward of a large public hospital through interviews and a survey instrument. We find that in a significant number of instan..

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