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Reactogenicity and immunogenicity profile of a two-dose combined hepatitis A and B vaccine in 1-11-year-old children

D Roberton, H Marshall, TM Nolan, E Sokal, J Diez-Domingo, CE Flodmark, L Rombo, G Lewald, J de la Flor, JM Casanovas, J Verdaguer, J Mares, D Van Esso, I Dieussaert, M Stoffel

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2005


This study was conducted to compare the reactogenicity, immunogenicity and safety of a combined two-dose (0, 6 months) hepatitis A and B vaccine (720ELU HAV, 20 mcg HBsAg) with the established three-dose (0, 1 and 6 months) hepatitis A and B vaccine (360ELU HAV, 10 mcg HBsAg). A total of 511 children aged 1-11 years who had not previously received a hepatitis A or B vaccine were enrolled in the study. Both vaccines were well tolerated, and were shown to be safe and immunogenic. The analysis, stratified according to two age groups (1-5 year and 6-11-year-old children) demonstrated that the reactogenicity profile of the two-dose schedule was at least as good as that of the established schedule..

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