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Mammalian browsing damage in the Mt. Cole State forest, southeastern Australia: analysis of browsing patterns, spatial relationships and browse selection

J Di Stefano

NEW FORESTS | SPRINGER | Published : 2005


Browsing by mammals can have a substantial impact on the survival, growth and form of regenerating forest trees. This study investigated the severity and distribution of mammalian browsing damage, and the degree to which eucalypt seedlings (Eucalyptus spp.) were selected for browsing on three regenerating native forest coupes in southeastern Australia. Damage was greatest 6 months after eucalypt germination and at this time, both messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua) and blue gum (E. globulus) seedlings were browsed at similar intensity. Nine and 12 months after germination, messmate was browsed more heavily than blue gum. Consistent relationships between browsing damage and both distance from the f..

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