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Neuroscience instrumentation and distributed analysis of brain activity data: A case for eScience on global Grids

R Buyya, S Date, Y Mizuno-Matsumoto, S Venugopal, D Abramson

Concurrency Computation Practice and Experience | John Wiley & Sons | Published : 2005


The distribution of knowledge (by scientists) and data sources (advanced scientific instruments), and the need for large-scale computational resources for analyzing massive scientific data are two major problems commonly observed in scientific disciplines. Two popular scientific disciplines of this nature are brain science and high-energy physics. The analysis of brain-activity data gathered from the MEG (magnetoencephalography) instrument is an important research topic in medical science since it helps doctors in identifying symptoms of diseases. The data needs to be analyzed exhaustively to efficiently diagnose and analyze brain functions and requires access to large-scale computational re..

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