Conference Proceedings

Cost-based scheduling of scientific workflow applications on utility Grids

J Yu, R Buyya, CK Tham, H Stockinger (ed.), R Buyya (ed.), R Perrott (ed.)

First International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Proceedings | IEEE COMPUTER SOC | Published : 2005


over the last few years, Grid technologies have progressed towards a service-oriented paradigm that enables a new way of service provisioning based on utility computing models. Users consume these services based on their QoS (Quality of Service) requirements. In such "pay-per-use" Grids, workflow execution cost must be considered during scheduling based on users' QoS constraints. In this paper, we propose a cost-based workflow scheduling algorithm that minimizes execution cost while meeting the deadline for delivering results. It can also adapt to the delays of service executions by rescheduling unexecuted tasks. We also attempt to optimally solve the task scheduling problem in branches with..

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