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The AIB1 glutamine repeat polymorphism is not associated with risk of breast cancer before age 40 years in Australian women

KG Montgomery, JH Chang, DM Gertig, GS Dite, MR McCredie, GG Giles, MC Southey, JL Hopper, IG Campbell



INTRODUCTION: AIB1, located at 20q12, is a member of the steroid hormone coactivator family. It contains a glutamine repeat (CAG/CAA) polymorphism at its carboxyl-terminal region that may alter the transcriptional activation of the receptor and affect susceptibility to breast cancer through altered sensitivity to hormones. METHODS: We evaluated this repeat polymorphism in the context of early-onset disease by conducting a case-control study of 432 Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40 years and 393 population-based control individuals who were frequency matched for age. Genotyping was performed using a scanning laser fluorescence imager. RESULTS: There were no di..

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