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Impact of selection of post-implant technique on dosimetry parameters for permanent prostate implants.

Annette Haworth, Martin Ebert, Shaun St Clair, Brendan M Carey, Anthony Flynn, David M Bottomley, Gillian M Duchesne, David Joseph, Daniel Ash

Brachytherapy | Published : 2005


PURPOSE: To investigate the variability of prostate implant quality indices between three different methods of calculating the post-implant dose distribution. METHODS AND MATERIALS: In a study of 9 permanent prostate implant patients, post-implant dosimetry was carried out using three methods of identifying seed positions within the prostate volume: (1) prostate volumes defined by transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) immediately following implant were registered with shift-film defined seed positions, (2) seeds were identified directly from the post-implant TRUS images, and (3) CT was used to define seed positions and prostate volumes from images acquired at 41-65 days post-implant. For each method..

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