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Vincristine treatment in steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome

J Kausman, L Yin, C Jones, L Johnstone, HR Powell



Treatment of children with steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome (SDNS) continues to be a challenge when relapses recur after treatment with cyclophosphamide and side effects or non-compliance make steroids and cyclosporin unsatisfactory. We treated 12 patients with intravenous vincristine for SDNS in a regime of 1-1.5 mg/m2 weekly for 4 weeks then monthly for 4 months. Four of the 5 patients in relapse when commencing vincristine remitted within 2 doses. Comparing relapse frequency in the 12 months before and after vincristine, there was a reduction from 4 to 1.5 (p=0.004) relapses per year. Median sustained remission was 5 months, but 1 frequently relapsing patient remains in remission 4 ye..

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