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BAC-based PCR fragment microarray: High-resolution detection of chromosomal deletion and duplication breakpoints

H Ren, W Francis, A Boys, AC Chueh, N Wong, P La, LH Wong, J Ryan, HR Slater, KHA Choo

HUMAN MUTATION | WILEY | Published : 2005


The introduction of molecular techniques in conjunction with classical cytogenetic methods has in recent years greatly improved the diagnostic potential for chromosomal abnormalities. In particular, microarray-comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) based on the use of BAC clones promises a sensitive strategy for the detection of DNA copy-number changes on a genomewide scale, offering a resolution as high as >30,000 "bands" (as defined by the number of BACs within the currently highest-density BAC array) [Ishkanian et al., 2004]. We have tested the possibility of further increasing this resolution using PCR fragments generated from individual BAC clones. Using this approach, we have efficien..

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