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Effect of Turner's syndrome and X-linked imprinting on cognitive status: analysis based on pedigree data

DZ Loesch, QM Bui, W Kelso, RM Huggins, H Slater, G Warne, P Bergman, C Rodda, RJ Mitchell, M Prior



The effects of a monosomy of either the maternally or paternally derived X chromosome in Turner's syndrome (TS) on general neurocognitive status and some executive abilities were assessed using the maximum likelihood estimators for pedigree data. This method increases the power of analysis by accounting for the effect of background heritable variation on a trait. The sample comprised 42 females with regular non-mosaic X monosomy and their non-affected relatives. Wechsler neurocognitive scores and several executive function tests' scores, including the Behaviour Dyscontrol Scale (BDS-2), the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), and the Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT), were considered in the ana..

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