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Country profile: Australia.

P Buckley, J Marley, J Robinson, D Turnbull, SR Leeder, WP Anderson, RG Larkins, F Shann, F Stanley, T Wilkes, A Finkel, L Serry, N Swan

The Lancet | Published : 1998


Australians will gleefully show you a postcard proving that their national boundaries encompass the whole of western Europe when the two are superposed. Yet the complaint 'But we are a small country' is heard frequently. Both are true: a vast country but with a population of only 19 million. This western democracy, with waning European ties, is set geographically and economically in the Asia-Pacific region. Distinguished in her contributions to medical research and innovative in her medical education Australia offers excellent health care. Australians are as frank about the problems as they are generous with their time (and hospitality) in showing the visitor the many strengths. This the las..

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