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A review of the Holden-Mertz criteria for critical oxygen transmission.

Desmond Fonn, Adrian S Bruce

Eye Contact Lens | Published : 2005


PURPOSE: Holden and Mertz established the foundations for the new generation of silicone hydrogel contact lenses for daily and extended wear in 1984. Absence of lens-induced corneal swelling was their premise and although this was possible with daily wear, the goal with extended wear seemed almost impossible because of the limitation of hydrogel materials. Experience with extended and daily wear of disposable contact lenses during the last 2 decades and, more recently, with silicone hydrogels has led to the reconsideration of the validity of the findings of Holden and Mertz. RESULTS: A pivotal influence on the Holden and Mertz critical Dk/t value for closed-eye lens wear was exerted by two n..

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