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Determinants of preferences for genetic counselling in Jewish women

Carmel Apicella, Stuart J Peacock, Lesley Andrews, Katherine Tucker, Agnes Bankier, Mary B Daly, John L Hopper



INTRODUCTION: Patient preferences are central to the economic appraisal of health services. Cancer genetic services are relatively new, and little is known about clients' preferences. We sought to determine clients' preferences for genetic service delivery, and to identify factors that predict those preferences. METHODS: We studied female participants in the Australian Jewish Breast Cancer Study who were offered a test for ancestral mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Questionnaires, asking respondents to rank their preferences for functions, or attributes, of genetic counselling were received from 256 women (76% response rate). RESULTS: Sixty-two per cent of the respondents gave their h..

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