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Optimized clinical T2 relaxometry with a standard CPMG sequence

GS Pell, RS Briellmann, AB Waites, DF Abbott, DP Lewis, GD Jackson

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry | Published : 2006


Purpose: To optimize the accuracy and precision of T2 measurements using the standard Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill (CPMG) sequence. T2 values obtained with this technique are normally sensitive to imperfect refocusing due to the formation of unwanted stimulated echoes. Materials and Methods: Modifications are made to the refocusing slice selection width and the interleaving scheme. A widened refocusing slice improves the uniformity of the refocusing flip angle across the slice. A slow spin echo acquisition provided "gold standard" T2 values. Repeated T2 measurements in phantom and human studies are used to compare the accuracy and precision of the optimized and non-optimized CPMG implementation..

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