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Spiral computed tomography-intravenous cholangiography with three-dimensional reconstructions for imaging the biliary tree.

E Alibrahim, RN Gibson, J Vincent, T Speer, N Collier, C Jardine

Australasian Radiology | Published : 2006


This study aimed to assess the ability of CT-i.v. cholangiography to show the perihilar biliary and cystic duct anatomy and to assess the relative performance of axial, maximum intensity projection and surface rendered displays. We also assessed the correlation between serum bilirubin levels and adequacy of biliary opacification. Spiral CT was carried out following infusion of 100 mL of Biliscopin in 181 patients with suspected biliary disease. The display of biliary anatomy was of high quality, with 91% of patients having good opacification of at least first-order bile ducts and 84% having good opacification of at least third-order right and left hepatic ducts. The quality of biliary opacif..

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