Book Chapter

John Marshall and the developmental dyslexias

Anne Castles, Timothy C Bates, Max Coltheart

Aphasiology | ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD | Published : 2006


Background: In 1984, John Marshall made the case that one can use a model of the skilled reading system not only to interpret the acquired dyslexias, but also to interpret the developmental dyslexias, and the particular model of the skilled reading system he favoured for this purpose was the dual-route model. This claim has been a controversial one, with many researchers claiming that static models of adult skilled reading, such as the dual-route model, are inappropriate for understanding the process of reading development and, consequently, the developmental reading disorders. Aims: In this paper, we examine how Marshall's conjecture has fared over the past 20 years. Main Contribution: We e..

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