Journal article

Endothelium, blood vessels and angiogenesis - A workshop report

L Leach, J Badet, P Brownbill, L Harris, R Keogh, B Kalionis, G Whitley

PLACENTA | W B SAUNDERS CO LTD | Published : 2006


The aim of this workshop was to discuss in the broadest terms the role of blood vessels in establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. It focused on the vessels at the feto/maternal interface namely the vessels of chorionic villi and the maternal spiral arteries. Cells of these vessels interact closely with trophoblast cells but with very different outcomes. In the chorionic villi this interaction must work to promote and maintain vessel integrity whilst the interactions between the extravillous trophoblasts and the cells of the maternal spiral artery lead in early pregnancy to vessel instability and remodelling and later vessel stabilisation. Knowledge of the mechanisms behind these p..

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