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The orphan nuclear receptor, NOR-1, is a target of beta-adrenergic signaling in skeletal muscle

Michael A Pearen, James G Ryall, Megan A Maxwell, Naganari Ohkura, Gordon S Lynch, George EO Muscat



beta-Adrenergic receptor (beta-AR) agonists induce Nur77 mRNA expression in the C2C12 skeletal muscle cell culture model and elicit skeletal muscle hypertrophy. We previously demonstrated that Nur77 (NR4A1) is involved in lipolysis and gene expression associated with the regulation of lipid homeostasis. Subsequently it was demonstrated by another group that beta-AR agonists and cold exposure-induced Nur77 expression in brown adipocytes and brown adipose tissue, respectively. Moreover, NOR-1 (NR4A3) was hyperinduced by cold exposure in the nur77(-/-) animal model. These studies underscored the importance of understanding the role of NOR-1 in skeletal muscle. In this context we observed 30-480..

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