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ESHRE PGD Consortium data collection V: Cycles from January to December 2002 with pregnancy follow-up to October 2003

JC Harper, K Boelaert, J Geraedts, G Harton, WG Kearns, C Moutou, N Muntjewerff, S Repping, S SenGupta, PN Scriven, J Traeger-Synodinos, K Vesela, L Wilton, KD Sermon



The fifth report of the ESHRE PGD Consortium is presented (data collection V). For the first time, the cycle data were collected for one calendar year (2002) in the following October, so that data collection was complete for pregnancies and babies. The data were collected using a Filemaker Pro database and divided into referrals, cycles, pregnancies and babies. There are currently 66 active centres registered with the consortium; however, the data presented here were obtained from 43 centres and included 1603 referrals, 2219 cycles, 485 pregnancies and 382 babies born. The cycle data were divided into preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for inherited disorders (including chromosome abnor..

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