Conference Proceedings

Stochastic modelling of annual rainfall data

R Srikanthan, MC Peel, GGS Pegram, TA McMahon

30th Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium: Past, Present & Future | Conference Design | Published : 2006


Rainfall data are generally required in computer simulations of rainfall-runoff processes, crop growth and water supply systems. The length of historical climate data is usually not long enough to describe the complete range of variability that might be experienced during the life of a water resources or agricultural project. Using the statistical characteristics of historical data, it is possible to generate many sequences of data that better represent the climatic variability. In developing the stochastic models, the data are generally assumed stationary in the broad sense and any long-term fluctuations in the data are ignored. Typically, only in monthly, daily and sub-daily models, is the..

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