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Lentiviral expression of CTLA4Ig inhibits primed xenogeneic lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine responses

William R Mulley, Janet L Wee, Dale Christiansen, Julie Milland, Francesco L Ierino, Mauro S Sandrin



BACKGROUND: Co-stimulatory blockade is known to inhibit lymphocyte responses and to prolong allograft and xenograft survival. The present study examines the effect of transgenic expression of cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated molecule-4 immunoglobulin (CTLA4Ig) by a porcine endothelial cell line (PIEC) transduced by a lentiviral vector, on primed xenogeneic T-cell proliferative and cytokine responses. METHODS: Splenocytes from mice primed with PIEC were used as responder cells in a secondary proliferative assay. CTLA4Ig transduced and wild-type PIEC were used as stimulator cells. Responder cells were assayed for proliferation and cytokine production. RESULTS: Proliferation was profoundly inh..

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