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E2: A flexible software platform for modelling water quantity and quality over a catchment

JM Perraud, JM Rahman, SP Seaton, GM Podger, RM Argent, RB Grayson

30th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, HWRS 2006 | Conference Design | Published : 2020


Catchment management is subject to changing circumstances, focuses and management needs, and requires modelling tools that are versatile enough to evolve with these varying needs. E2 is a catchment modelling framework that has been designed from the start with the aim to enable this versatility. It does not have intrinsically fixed algorithms or predefined water quality constituents and can run at a variety of time steps and spatial scales. The physical representation of land and river processes relies on notions of sub-catchments, nodes and links, and a consistent representation of water and constituents throughout the system. E2 has growing capabilities for representing storage management,..

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