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Two new species of Pseudochristianella Campbell & Beveridge, 1990 (Cestoda : Trypanorhyncha) from Elasmobranch fishes from the Gulf of California, Mexico

RA Campbell, I Beveridge

PARASITE | EDP SCIENCES S A | Published : 2006


Pseudochristionella elegantissima sp. nov. (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) is described from the spiral valves of the rays Dasyatis brevis (Garman, 1880) and D. longus (Garman, 1880), from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Also described is P. nudisculo sp. nov. from rays Rhinobatos productus Ayres, 1854, D. longus, Myliobatis longirostris Applegate & Fitch, 1964 and Zapteryx exasperat (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880) from the same location. The species are distinguished from one another and from the only existing species within the genus, P. southwelli Campbel & Beveridge, 1990, by differences in the arrangement of bill-hooks on the external surface of the basal swelling of the tentacle and by the number o..

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