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Observations on Bostrychia radicosa comb. nov. (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta)

JA West, GC Zuccarello, M Hommersand, U Karsten, S Gors



Only two genera in the Rhodomelaceae share the morphological character of transverse division of periaxial cells into two or more tier cells in which the pit connection is retained between the lower cell and the axial cell: Bostrychia and Rhodolachne. One species, Rhodolachne radicosa Itono, has been reported from mangroves, a common habitat for Bostrychia. Many collections of an entity similar to Rhodolachne radicosa have been made from localities around the Indo-Pacific. Culture observations show a Polysiphonia-type sexual life history in Malaysia and New Caledonia isolates that produce self-compatible bisexual gametophytes. The New Caledonia isolate also has unisexual gametophytes. An iso..

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