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Correlations in microscopic optical model for nucleon elastic scattering off doubly closed-shell nuclei

M Dupuis, S Karataglidis, E Bauge, JP Delaroche, D Gogny

Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Published : 2006


The random phase approximation (RPA) long-range correlations are known to play a significant role in understanding the depletion of single particle-hole states observed in (e,e') and (e,e'p) measurements. Here the RPA theory, implemented using the D1S force is considered for the specific purpose of building correlated ground states and related one-body density matrix elements. These may be implemented and tested in a fully microscopic optical model for NA scattering off doubly closed-shell nuclei. A method is presented to correct for the correlations overcounting inherent to the RPA formalism. One-body density matrix elements in the uncorrelated (i.e., Hartree-Fock) and correlated (i.e., RPA..

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