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The survey for ionization in neutral gas galaxies. II. The star formation rate density of the local universe

DJ Hanish, GR Meurer, HC Ferguson, MA Zwaan, TM Heckman, L Staveley-Smith, J Bland-Hawthorn, VA Kilborn, BS Koribalski, ME Putman, EV Ryan-Weber, MS Oey, RC Kennicutt, PM Knezek, MJ Meyer, RC Smith, RL Webster, MA Dopita, MT Doyle, MJ Drinkwater Show all



We derive observed Hα and R-band luminosity densities of an H I-selected sample of nearby galaxies using the SINGG sample to be l Hα′ = (9.4 ± 1.8) × 1037 h 70 ergs s-1 Å-1 Mpc-3 for Hα and lR′ = 4.4 ± 0.7) × 1037 h70 ergs s-1Å-1 Mpc-3 in the R band. This R-band luminosity density is approximately 70% of that found by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This leads to a local star formation rate density of log(ρ̇SER [M⊙ yr-1 Mpc -3]) = -1.800.07-0.13 (random) ± 0.03(systematic) + log (h70) after applying a mean internal extinction correction of 0.82 mag. The gas cycling time of this sample is found to be tgas = 7.5-2.1+1.3 Gyr, and the volume-averaged equivalent width of the SINGG galaxies is EW(Hα..

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