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Analysis of human leukaemias and lymphomas using extensive immunophenotypes from an antibody microarray

Larissa Belov, Stephen P Mulligan, Nicole Barber, Adrian Woolfson, Mike Scott, Kerryn Stoner, Jeremy S Chrisp, William A Sewell, Kenneth F Bradstock, Linda Bendall, Dana S Pascovici, Mervyn Thomas, Wendy Erber, Pauline Huang, Mary Sartor, Graham AR Young, James S Wiley, Surender Juneja, William G Wierda, Anthony R Green Show all



A novel antibody microarray has been developed that provides an extensive immunophenotype of leukaemia cells. The assay is a solid phase cell-capture technique in which 82 antigens are studied simultaneously. This paper presents the analysis of 733 patients with a variety of leukaemias and lymphomas from peripheral blood and bone marrow. Discriminant Function Analysis of the expression profiles from these 733 patients and 63 normal subjects were clustered and showed high levels of consistency with diagnoses obtained using conventional clinical and laboratory criteria. The overall levels of consensus for classification using the microarray compared with established criteria were 93.9% (495/52..

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