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A cohort study of the incidence and risk factors for negative behavior changes in children after general anesthesia

Robyn Stargatt, Andrew J Davidson, Grace H Huang, Caroline Czarnecki, Margaret A Gibson, Stephanie A Stewart, Kris Jamsen



BACKGROUND: Hospitalization and anesthesia can have a substantial psychological impact on children, which may be manifested by negative behavioral change. The primary aims of this study were to estimate the incidence of negative behavior change postanesthesia in a large cohort of children, and to identify the possible risk factors. METHODS: One thousand two hundred and fifty children aged from 3 to 12 years scheduled for anesthesia for a variety of procedures were enrolled. The absolute version of the Vernon Post Hospitalization Behavior Questionnaire (PHBQ) was used to assess behavior change at 3 and 30 days postanesthesia. Deterioration in seven or more items of behavior was defined to be ..

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