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Behavior of rare earth elements in groundwater during flow and mixing in fractured rock aquifers: An example from the Dandenong Ranges, southeast Australia

SO Tweed, TR Weaver, I Cartwright, B Schaefer



A previously-defined flow system is used to investigate REE behavior at different stages along groundwater flow paths in fractured basalt and sedimentary aquifers. Results from this study indicate that REE concentrations and patterns predominantly reflect different types and rates of reactions taking place to those controlling major ion chemistry. In areas where recharge is through sediments, REE concentrations are high (Nd: 8.62-31.61 ng/L), and localised processes, such as source heterogeneity, control REE patterns and concentrations. Increased concentrations of REEs in these groundwaters, where pH < 6.1, is a result of early-stage REE mobilisation in the flow system. In contrast, where gr..

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