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Effect-site targeted patient-controlled sedation with propofol: comparison with anaesthetist administration for colonoscopy

CA Stonell, K Leslie, AR Absalom

ANAESTHESIA | WILEY | Published : 2006


Patient-controlled sedation (PCS) allows patients to match their sedation requirement to perceived discomfort. The significant delay in onset of sedation may be overcome with effect-site steered target controlled infusion, but previously only trials in volunteers have been carried out. We therefore conducted a randomised, double-blind controlled trial comparing effect-site steered propofol PCS with anaesthetist-administered propofol sedation in 40 patients presenting for colonoscopy. The initial effect-site target in the PCS group was 0.8, increment was 0.1 and lockout was 3 min. Patient and endoscopist satisfaction and operating conditions were similar between th..

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