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Cardiovascular risk factors and retinal microvascular signs in an adult Japanese population: The Funagata Study

Ryo Kawasaki, Jie Jin Wang, Elena Rochtchina, Bronwen Taylor, Tien Yin Wong, Makoto Tominaga, Takeo Kato, Makoto Daimon, Toshihide Oizumi, Sumio Kawata, Takamasa Kayama, Hidetoshi Yamashita, Paul Mitchell



OBJECTIVE: To describe the prevalence of retinal vascular signs and their association with cardiovascular risk factors in a Japanese population. DESIGN: Population-based cross-sectional study. PARTICIPANTS: Adult persons aged 35 years or older from Funagata, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan (n = 1481). METHODS: The Funagata Study is a Japanese population-based study of persons aged 35 years or older, and included 1961 nondiabetic participants (53.3% of 3676 eligible subjects). A nonmydriatic retinal photograph was taken of 1 eye to assess retinal microvascular signs. Retinal arteriolar wall signs (focal arteriolar narrowing, arteriovenous nicking, enhanced arteriolar wall reflex) and retinopathy w..

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