Conference Proceedings

Effective demand and office cycles: The emerging Guangzhou office user market

Hao Wu, Richard Reed, Jon Robinson, ZY Zhao (ed.), MX Yu (ed.), CC Feng (ed.), LL Duan (ed.)

Proceedings of CRIOCM 2006 International Research Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, Vols 1 and 2 | HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIV | Published : 2006


this paper examines the conditions of the office user market in Guangzhou, China. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to gain insights of property cycles that are closely related to the social and economic transformation. The analysis of the Guangzhou office user market shows quite different behaviour from typical commercial property markets. It shows the gap between the effective and potential demands as well as the relatively "flat" market condition in the recent office cycle, which is closely associated to the physical and behavioural transformation. The study shows that the structure transformation and the emergence of the office market has been affected by the much slower changes ..

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