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Stable high-capacity one-hop distributed hash tables

J Risson, A Harwood, T Moors

Proceedings - International Symposium on Computers and Communications | Published : 2006


Most research on Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) assumes ephemeral, lightly loaded deployments. Each node has a lifetime of a few hours and initiates a lookup once every few seconds or minutes. However, in giant internet data centers, each node has a lifetime of weeks or months and initiates hundreds or thousands of lookups every second. In such an environment, one-hop DHTs are superior to multi-hop DHTs. They use lookup bandwidth more efficiently. We qualify conflicting research to show that a single onehop DHT can indeed scale to at least a few hundred thousand nodes in stable, high-capacity enterprise networks. Two new designs are presented: One Hop Sites (1HS), a high-capacity DHT tailore..

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