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Measurement of the mass and width of the W boson

G Abbiendi, C Ainsley, PF Akesson, G Alexander, G Anagnostou, KJ Anderson, S Asai, D Axen, I Bailey, E Barberio, T Barillari, RJ Barlow, RJ Batley, P Bechtle, T Behnke, KW Bell, PJ Bell, G Bella, A Bellerive, C Benelli Show all



The mass and width of the W boson are measured using e+e - → W+W- events from the data sample collected by the OPAL experiment at LEP at centre-of-mass energies between 170 GeV and 209 GeV. The mass (mW) and width (ΓW) are determined using direct reconstruction of the kinematics of W+W - → qq̄ℓv and W+W- → qq̄qq̄ events. When combined with previous OPAL measurements using W+W- → ℓvℓv events and the dependence on mW of the WW production cross-section at threshold, the results are determined to be mW = 80.415 ± 0.042 ± 0.030 ± 0.009 GeV ΓW = 1.996 ± 0.096 ± 0.102 ± 0.003 GeV where the first error is statistical, the second systematic and the third due to uncertainties in the value of the LEP b..

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