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Systemic immune responses in sheep, induced by a novel nano-bead adjuvant

JPY Scheerlinck, S Gloster, A Gamvrellis, PL Mottram, M Plebanski

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2006


Although a number of adjuvants are currently approved for use in veterinary species, only alum has been widely used in humans. While it induces strong antibody responses, cell mediated responses are often low and inflammatory reactions at the site of injection are common. We investigated the immunological properties of a novel nano-bead adjuvant in a sheep large-animal model. In contrast to alum, antigen covalently coupled to nano-beads induced substantial cell mediated responses along with moderate humoral responses. No adverse reactions were seen at the site of immunisation in the sheep. Thus, nano-bead adjuvants in veterinary species may be useful for the induction of immunity to viral pa..

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