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The effect of osteoporotic vertebral fracture on predicted spinal loads in vivo

Andrew M Briggs, Tim V Wrigley, Jaap H van Dieen, Bev Phillips, Sing Kai Lo, Alison M Greig, Kim L Bennell



The aetiology of osteoporotic vertebral fractures is multi-factorial, and cannot be explained solely by low bone mass. After sustaining an initial vertebral fracture, the risk of subsequent fracture increases greatly. Examination of physiologic loads imposed on vertebral bodies may help to explain a mechanism underlying this fracture cascade. This study tested the hypothesis that model-derived segmental vertebral loading is greater in individuals who have sustained an osteoporotic vertebral fracture compared to those with osteoporosis and no history of fracture. Flexion moments, and compression and shear loads were calculated from T2 to L5 in 12 participants with fractures (66.4 +/- 6.4 year..

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