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Placental function in two distantly related marsupials

C Freyer, U Zeller, MB Renfree

PLACENTA | W B SAUNDERS CO LTD | Published : 2007


The biochemical composition of uterine and fetal fluids during pregnancy of the grey short-tailed opossum was compared with new and published data on the tammar wallaby. In the grey short-tailed opossum, there are three main phases of embryonic nourishment. During the first phase, the embryo obtains nutrients from uterine secretion transferred into the yolk sac. The amount of uterine secretion declines during the second phase up to the time of shell coat rupture. As a result, the protein concentration in yolk sac fluid also declines. During phase three, which begins with shell coat rupture, nutrients are predominantly available from the maternal blood. In the grey short-tailed opossum that l..

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