Conference Proceedings

The Renal Physiome project

S Randall Thomas, Fariza Tahi, Peter Harris, Andrew Lonie

Biomedical Imaging: Macro to Nano, 2006. 3rd IEEE International Symposium on | IEEE | Published : 2006


We discuss current progress towards two complementary web resources being developed for the Renal Physiome: (1) a database (QKDB) for quantitative and anatomical data at all levels of kidney organization, including molecular-level information on membrane channels and transporters, structural and functional parameter values at the epithelial level, measured flows and concentrations along vessels and nephron segments, anatomical data (including imaging studies) at all scales, etc.; and (2) an interactive interface to mathematical models of kidney structure and function, built around a zoomable 3D virtual unilobed kidney. These resources will facilitate interaction among renal modelers, experim..

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