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Three new genera and seven new species of trypanorhynch cestodes (family Eutetrarhynchidae) from manta rays, Mobula spp. (Mobulidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico

Ronald A Campbell, Ian Beveridge



Three new genera of eutetrarhynchid trypanorhynch cestodes are described from Mobula spp. (Mobulidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Fellicocestus mobulae gen. et sp. n. from the gall bladder of Mobula japonica (Miller et Henle) is distinguished by elongate bothria, a pars bothrialis equal in length to the pars vaginalis, masses of gland cells in the pars vaginalis and an heteromorphous armature in which hook rows arise from a central file of hooks on the bothrial surface of the tentacle and terminate in a central file on the antibothrial surface. Species of Mobulocestus gen. n. occur in the nephridial system and cloaca of rays and are characterized by two bothria, an heteroacanthous a..

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