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Persisting concentrating and second gas effects on oxygenation during N2O anaesthesia

PJ Peyton, C Stuart-Andrews, K Deo, F Strahan, GJB Robinson, BR Thompson, R Pierce

ANAESTHESIA | WILEY | Published : 2006


Theoretical modelling predicts that the concentrating effect of nitrous oxide (N2O) uptake on alveolar oxygenation is a persisting phenomenon at typical levels of ventilation - perfusion (V/Q) inhomogeneity under anaesthesia. We sought clinical confirmation of this in 20 anaesthetised patients. Arterial oxygen pressure (P(aO2)) was measured after a minimum of 30 min of relaxant general anaesthesia with an inspired oxygen (F(I O2)) of 30%. Patients were randomly allocated to two groups. The intervention group had N2O introduced following baseline blood gas measurements, and the control group continued breathing an identical F(I O2) in nitrogen (N2). The primary outcome variable was change in ..

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