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Relationships between passive absorption of immunoglobulin G by the piglet and plasma concentrations of immunoglobulin G at weaning

JA Rooke, C Carranca, IM Bland, AG Sinclair, M Ewen, VC Bland, SA Edwards



To examine the relationships between passive acquisition of immunoglobulin G (IgG) by piglets from colostrum and concentrations of plasma IgG at weaning, IgG concentrations in the blood plasma of piglets naturally suckling the sow were measured in the first week of life and at 28 days of age in three experiments. In two experiments the quantities of specific antibodies (anti-Newcastle disease virus, NDV) transferred from the sow to the piglet in colostrum were also quantified. The concentrations of IgG in piglet plasma at 28 days of age were significantly and positively related to concentrations in plasma at 2 and 7 days of age. NDV-IgG in piglet plasma declined more rapidly than total IgG b..

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