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Social consumption of alcohol in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes is associated with increased glucose lability, but not hypoglycaemia

D Ismail, R Gebert, PJ Vuillermin, L Fraser, CM McDonnell, SM Donath, FJ Cameron



AIM: To determine the effects of social consumption of alcohol by diabetic adolescents on glycaemic control. METHODS: Fourteen (five male) patients aged > 16 years were recruited from the diabetes clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital. The continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) was attached at a weekend when alcohol consumption was planned for one night only. For each patient, the 12-h period from 18.00 h to 06.00 h for the night with alcohol consumption (study period) was compared with the same period with non-alcohol consumption (control period) either 24 h before or after the alcohol study night. Thus, each subject was his/her own control. Glycaemic outcomes calculated from continu..

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