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ICAM-1-dependent pathways regulate colonic eosinophilic inflammation.

Elizabeth Forbes, Mark Hulett, Richard Ahrens, Norbert Wagner, Vanessa Smart, Klaus I Matthaei, Eric B Brandt, Lindsay A Dent, Marc E Rothenberg, Mimi Tang, Paul S Foster, Simon P Hogan

J Leukoc Biol | Published : 2006


Eosinophilic inflammation is a common feature of numerous eosinophil-associated gastrointestinal (EGID) diseases. Central to eosinophil migration into the gastrointestinal tract are the integrin-mediated interactions with adhesion molecules. Although the mechanisms regulating eosinophil homing into the small intestine have begun to be elucidated, the adhesion pathways responsible for eosinophil trafficking into the large intestine are unknown. We investigated the role of adhesion pathways in eosinophil recruitment into the large intestine during homeostasis and disease. First, using a hapten-induced colonic injury model, we demonstrate that in contrast to the small intestine, eosinophil recr..

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