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Search for Yukawa production of a light neutral Higgs boson at LEP

G Abbiendi, C Ainsley, PF Akesson, G Alexander, J Allison, G Anagnostou, KJ Anderson, S Arcelli, S Asai, D Axen, G Azuelos, I Bailey, E Barberio, RJ Barlow, RJ Batley, P Bechtle, T Behnke, KW Bell, PJ Bell, G Bella Show all

European Physical Journal C | SPRINGER | Published : 2002


Within a Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (2HDM) a search for a light Higgs boson in the mass range of 4-12 GeV has been performed in the Yukawa process e e → bb̄A/h → bb̄τ τ , using the data collected by the OPAL detector at LEP between 1992 and 1995 in e e collisions at about 91 GeV centre-of-mass energy. A likelihood selection is applied to separate background and signal. The number of observed events is in good agreement with the expected background. Within a CP-conserving 2HDM type II model the cross-section for Yukawa production depends on ζ = | tan β| and ζ = |sinα/cos β| for the production of the CP-odd A and the CP-even h, respectively, where tan β is the ratio of the vacuum expectatio..

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