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Determination of the b quark mass at the Z mass scale

G Abbiendi, C Ainsley, PF Akesson, G Alexander, J Allison, G Anagnostou, KJ Anderson, S Arcelli, S Asai, D Axen, G Azuelos, I Bailey, AH Ball, E Barberio, RJ Barlow, RJ Batley, T Behnke, KW Bell, G Bella, A Bellerive Show all

European Physical Journal C | SPRINGER | Published : 2001


In hadronic decays of Z bosons recorded with the OPAL detector at LEP, events containing b quarks were selected using the long lifetime of b flavoured hadrons. Comparing the 3-jet rate in b events with that in d,u,s and c quark events, a significant difference was observed. Using script O sign(α2S) calculations for massive quarks, this difference was used to determine the b quark mass in the MS renormalisation scheme at the scale of the Z boson mass. By combining the results from seven different jet finders the running b quark mass was determined to be m̄b(mz) = (2.67 ± 0.03(stat.)+0.29-0.37(syst.)±0.19(theo.)) GeV. Evolving this value to the b quark mass scale itself yields m̄b(m̄b) = (3.95..

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