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Microstructural Study of a Passivation Layer on GaAs: An Application of X-Ray Reflectivity Under Grazing Angles Using a Synchrotron Source

KE Crompton, TR Finlayson, C Kirchner, M Seitz, U Klemradt

Surface Review and Letters | World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt | Published : 2003


X-ray specular reflectivities of GaAs samples passivated with a thin film of (3-mercaptopropyl)-trimethoxysilane (MPT) have been studied using bending-magnet synchrotron radiation. Various preparation procedures covering etching the GaAs, MPT deposition and its baking have been investigated. An oxide film is always observed between the GaAs and MPT films. The microstructural parameters, such as film thickness, density and interfacial roughness (including the external surface), have been determined from appropriate modeling of the reflectivity. The surface roughness has been compared with a direct measurement using tapping-mode atomic force microscopy. The results are discussed with reference..

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