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Polytene chromosomes and phylogenetic relationships of Chironomus atrella (Diptera : Chironomidae) in North America

Jon Martin, Eugenia N Andreeva, Iya I Kiknadze, Wolfgang F Wuelker



The identity of Chironomus atrella Townes has been confusing because the name has been used for at least 2 quite different species. This situation is clarified karyosystematically by describing the banding patterns and chromosomal polymorphisms from a number of locations in Canada and the US. Most populations show only moderate levels of polymorphism (average heterozygosity, 0.36), although in some samples from shallow waters, the level of polymorphism is much higher (average heterozygosity, up to 0.92). The banding patterns of the polytene chromosomes are either identical or closely related to those found in Holarctic species with a northern distribution. These patterns and the distribution..

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